Perfectly suited for a dry or very dry skin. You can use it twice a week at home and you are done with your all skin care regime.
I just want to say one thing about this facial is that it is a magical facial I think every woman should try this and I am sure that you will love it!
My skin texture improved a lot and it was well toned and fresh. I loved its tightening effect on my skin.The quantity is good which would last for two facial sessions. It did not break me out even once.
My overall experience was good. My skin was even toned. It's extremely good for sagging and matured skin.
Amazing work. Vaadi organic Skin Polishing Diamond Facial Kit is very ideal choice for my skin.
This facial kit contains diamond ash and essential oils which leaves the skin polished and luminous. It removes the dead cells and impurities from the skin which makes skin more glowing.
Sweta N.
Good product.
Shahannah D.
I have dry skin. Deciding to trust the comments, I purchased this facial kit. I have to say that it is totally worth it with all the amazing ingredients that it contain. It does not even dry out the skin completely, but rather leaves it hydrated. The best part is that it caused no acne or pimple whatsoever, making it even more worth it. Definitely recommend and will purchase again.
Amazing Diamond Facial kit. It is an excellent product. I have used one facial kit out of the four in their facial kit range and can already feel the difference to my skin, which feels plump and hydrated and glowing too! Normally whenever I got a parlour facial done I would end up with one or two pimples. This facial was easy to use, and I did my own facial (massage) and absolutely no pimple. Highly recommend, absolute value for money! Go for it!