Nitisha Dindoyal
I have been suffering from acne for the past 10 years and never actually got a cure for it. This product came to me as a blessing. I have used the complete pack and my acne completely disapeared after 4 weeks. Highly recommend!
Vaadi! Anti Acne Aloe Vera Massage Gel contains the extract of aloe vera, it really helps to maintain the skin toning, great organic massage gel.
This acne control gel indeed worked wonderfully on my skin. What was really nice about using this product was the fact that apart from making my face look clean and glowing, using this acne gel helped my skin feel less oily, thereby helping my skin have a more even look.
Wonderful Product. I loved this Aloe Vera Massage Gel. I used this Anti-Acne gel on my armpits after wax, and it glided smoothly and gave me instant cooling effect and relief from the burning sensation after wax. Moreover since I keep my gels in Refrigerator, so cooling effect was more than average.