It makes my face super hydrated and moisturized. It takes away all the dryness from the face. I use it almost every-day and notice a healthy glow and freshness each day.
I have a combination skin and this gel keeps all the oil at bay and retains just the right amount. It does everything it claims the face look fresh and clean with a slight glow.
My skin was dull, dry and acne prone but after using this gel my skin gets its natural glow back and become soft and supple. It easily absorbed in the skin and makes it smooth. Now, I am happy to get compliments from my friends. Thanks, VAADI!
I have a very good experience with all Vaadi massage gels and love using them, so when I saw this gel I picked it up at once. The gel is very smooth and glides nicely on the skin. It hydrates my skin nicely and removes the dry patches.
Beautifully work. Loved this product! It removes my acne scars. I wasn't expecting such great results but I am surprised to see the results. I would highly recommend this to people with acne.