L.P. R
Very effective on the first use itself! My skin feels so soft and smooth. Definitely recommend!
Zainab Beegun
Superb...i just love this cleanser... moisturise ur skin plus you really can see the effect after rinsing... value for money
It has a strong scent but not unpleasant. It does have amazing moisturizing properties. I used it overnight the first day and I could not believe how healthy and smooth my skin looked and felt the next day. I tried it on the back of my hands which are very dry and now they look plump and moist too. You don't need much, only a tiny portion goes a long way. A great product!
Love this cleaning milk. Removes all mark and line & makes your face feel very moisturized.
Nice Product. I love this Cleansing Milk. It has Lemon, Aloe Vera, Rose Water and Jojoba oil, which is all great for getting rid of acne. And all my acne I had is pretty much either gotten. Smaller and healed or completely gone. I'm happy with this buy. It has a strong lemony scent but it disappears pretty quickly. I'm so happy.