A very fine moisturizer, perfect for oily skin too. Of course, Vaadi provides very nice product range and at a comparatively low price.
Dry weather or hot, this moisturizer has the right consistency. It is not too sticky and not too light, making it perfect for use on body and face. I particularly love rubbing a little of it on my palms every time I wash my hands. The bottle has a pump, which makes it easy to use. The fragrance of Mandarin in it is entirely unique. In fact, the moisturizer has a number of other natural ingredients like shea butter, mulberry, aloe vera, coconut oil, and milk. Not surprisingly then, it has a soothing and soft texture. Love it!
I loooove this moisturizer. My skin feels soft and with persistent usage it gets lighter and brighter.
I use this on my arms and as a hand cream my skin is now bright the tan is slowly getting better so far im happy with the result
Its an excellent organic lotion. The smell is very good and after applying you won't feel oily. I am a big fan of Vaadi and using many other products like soap and shampoos. Hence, I was quite confident that the product will have good quality.
It is a good moisturizer. Awesome!! The lotion is thick and improved my skin texture. It is a good moisturizer from Vaadi.