The soap lathers decently though it seems quite slimy initially. The skin feelssoft & suppleafter the very first wash. My dry skin feltfresh and moisturizedafter every usage. The soap lasted about a month although I made it a point to use it every day both morning & in the night.
Best soap ever for sensitive skin, clears up skin imperfections, we love it!
Great product. The soap has a smooth texture and lathers up really well with a loofah. The soap gets rinsed off easily anddoesntleave behind any slippery feel.It did not dry up my skin. I dont feel the need to apply a body lotion after bath.
I have normal to dry skin and I sometimes got these large painful zits all over my face that would leave dark marks. I've tried all sorts of face scrubs and acne treatments over the months but they all just dried my skin out and the zits would just come back, sometimes in the same spot as before. I've been using this soap now for over a month and I'll admit I don't have that issue anymore. My face looks beautiful again and my skin is never dried out. I LOVE this product!