I am very pleased with this product. I've never had any facial issues such as excessive oiliness, breakouts, etc and I rarely even used a moisturiser in my youth. The past 10 months have been super stressful and my skin at 62 looks like the hide of a top-grain leather handbag. I'm actively remedying that by using Irish moss and silver internally and this herbal face pack cream has already shown great promise. I don't feel the tightness I once had. I had some discoloration around my temples and that is even appearing smoother. It contains a little lavender oil, so be careful if you're prone to allergies, the scent is very subtle. You only need a dab and I put it on at night. I tend to forget to wash my face so this works for me.
So far I like the product, only used twice. Love the way my skin feels.
Well, I mostly use this product at weekends.It helped to remove my dead skin cells and the pigmented area also got a bit lightened than before and made my skin felt softer than before.
Great product, I have used it twice till now. It cleared my skin of the summer acne as well as lightened the blemishes to an extent. The skin became clear and fresh and I havent experienced any acne again after using this.Great product !!