Wonderful product. I pleased by the fragrance of this shower gel as the mild fragrance remains until the end of the shower. The entire packaging is quite pleasant and it easily removes all traces of make-up or body creams that you may have used. After the wash, it doesnt dry out the skin too.
I got the parcel before the expected delivery date which is great in itself. This Olive Shower Gel refreshes a tired body and the lovely fragrance gives a boost to a bored mind. Definitely, go for it if you need something for a refreshing and soap-free bath.
Recently I have purchased this body wash and let me tell you that this is the best body wash I have ever used. The product is having many things like zesty lime, apple, the olive extract is also there and all these makes the shower gel very refreshing and the smell of the gel is awesome. After using it, it feels like energetic and refreshed. It makes my skin very smooth and supple.
The aroma of this olive and apple shower gel revitalized me fully and at the same time moisturized the skin and leaves it supple and soft.