Poonam Ujoodah
Wow i loved the cream..it keeps my skin soft and oilfree all day as i work till 8pm...its has a velvet texture that keep my skin beautiful especially in this winter season ❤
Rumanee Padarat
Bought it like this for face cream.... But after applying it is really good for face... It makes it smooth and looks fresh... Really happy with all the products i bought. Gonna buy more
dooms joys
works from first application itself
You can't get better moisturizer than this at this cost. I have tried many face creams for oil control but none has worked like this. It controls the skin oil for the longest period. Also, give a brighter look to the face. Get's absorbed quickly and does not give a sweaty or sticky feeling.
It's a great moisturizer under my budget. Non-sticky, absorbing into the skin and look light-weight. Just loved it
I have extremely oily and sweaty skin, so I mostly keep off any moisturizer totally but thought I should try this. This makes my skin comparatively less greasy than any other moisturizer and it smells great.